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    So where do you go to get the right medical exam done for the right insurance company by the right exam company? The best answer is to find and use an experienced life insurance agent, who has the right connections. Make sure that your agent is an independent agent representing many companies, with access to an industry database that includes rates for all the competitive term life insurance companies. This is the only way to know that you will be getting, not only the best deal for your money, but also the best deal for your underwriting characteristics.

    To get you started, we will provide some basic information here, as well as pointers on where to go next. First thing to do is to find an independent life insurance agent with access to a competitive industry database. You can get just that by visiting Term4Sale.com. First you will run a quote (with no personal information required) to get a list of your lowest priced companies (without considering underwriting). On the results page you will find an option to find three agents in your zip code. Use that option. These agents are all independent, representing many companies, and subscribers to the Term4Sale database.

    Now that you have selected your life insurance agent, as well as found the cheapest companies for your age, gender and nicotine use, your agent will be able to guide you to the best company, considering all the rest of your underwriting variables. He or she will then set you up for a life insurance medical exam. Many agents use the large national medical exam companies, because they have local offices all across the country. This will make it convenient for you to schedule and take your examination. The top national companies are:

    Your agent will manage this process for you. All you need to do is complete the required paperwork, and then take your medical exam at the appointed time. Be sure to read our tips for preparing for the insurance medical exam, so that you can achieve the best possible underwriting class, given your other underwriting variables.